FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Below are questions that you may have. If these don’t answer your question, feel free to email me at [email protected], or send me a message via Instagram @majesticpaula.

What am I allowed to use the image for? You may use it for anything, no credit to me is necessary! Logos, business cards, website assets, company t-shirts, clip art, tattoos, personal projects, etc. BUT, I do ask that you do not resell the image as your own. Feel free to edit it as much as you want (it’s why the backgrounds are transparent!).

What format is the file in? Each design is a .png file.

I’ve lost the file, how do I get another copy? Upon purchasing, you gain unlimited downloads to the file. Simply log into the account you made upon purchasing and you can download the file anytime.

How do I edit my graphics? Can you color them for me? I highly recommend GIMP, it is what I use and it is free. If you’d like for me to digitally color your image I can communicate with you on that, just ask via an e-mail.

Do you do custom orders? Currently this is a no, but maybe a yes in the future.

Do you offer different image sizes? All images are sold as-is. The sizing of each image is noted in the description, measured in pixels. Images that are worth more to me/took longer to draw are typically a higher price.

Why do you only allow one customer to purchase each graphic? I would like the customer to have the frame of mind that the graphic they purchase will be unique to only their project or business. Sure, I might could make more profit by treating them like stock images but I want them to be special to the purchaser.

Additional questions you have may also be answered via the User Agreement page, please read through it before purchasing. (:

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