Hey I’m Paula! (aka Paula the Koala) I was born in ’96, raised in Georgia, and have a love for anything relating to art. I’m one of those artists that doesn’t really have a style (yet), I like to experiment with just about anything. Drawing has always been what I’m most comfortable with but I love painting and crafting as well. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite foods include bbq chicken/ribs and Ghirardelli chocolate. I’m not a soda fan unlike everyone else I know, but I do love milk! Chilling in bed with a spooky show and a sketchbook is my happy place.

If you’re interested in buying, check to see if it is for sale via my Facebook shop, majesticpaula.art

I hope you enjoy your browsing sessions here! I typically post images to my Instagram first and edit sketches to post on here. Feel free to follow me @majesticpaula.

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